Friday, January 7, 2011

A few weeks ago, I set out to create an Arduino project. It is now working, and I will post the results and all the source code soon (after a bit of code clean-up.)

Here is the original post:

A humidity and temperature sensor network:

Every node consists of an Arduino board and an ethernet shield and a Sensirion SHT15 Humidity and Temperature Sensor on a breakout board. I will use the enclosure that accomodates an Arduino, an ethernet shield and place the sensor in the battery box. That makes for nice, compact nodes.


I will use a web browser to plot the temperature and humidity data and use the flot library for live plotting

The server will be a fanless Shuttle XS35GT with an HDMI port that can be connected to a TV.

If possible, I will integrate this into XBMC (a media center software) so that it can be controlled with the remote control.

The operating system is Ubuntu 10.10.